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jQuery Basics

Using jQuery on top of HTML and CSS

A web page is made of three main languages

Venn diagram of HTML, CSS and JS all overlapping

HTML is the markup language

Screenshot of Google with only HTML enabled

CSS is the design language

Screenshot of Google with both HTML and CSS enabled

JavaScript is the programming language

Screenshot of Google with all of HTML, CSS, JS enabled

Getting Elements in jQuery

We find elements using the same selectors as in CSS:

  • Get one by id
  • Get many by class
  • Get all by tag

Only difference is we do it in brackets, with a dollar sign.

Changing Elements

Add or remove a class to change how it looks:

var header = $('#pageHeader');

Change its size and position:

var allPhotos = $('.photo');

Fade in or fade out:

var allImages = $('img');


jQuery Basics with Unicorns

Click here to start

Make January Golden

In your JavaScript panel, add the class “gold” to January:

var january = $('#january');


  • February should be orange
  • March should be pink
  • April should be blue
  • The others can be any colour

Make the August Unicorn Smaller

In your JavaScript panel:

var august = $('#august .unicorn');


  • May should be the same height as August
  • March should be 70% of the height of her box

Flying Pegasus Ponies

Create a function containing the code you want to run:

function fly() {
  var unicorn = $(this);
  unicorn.animate({'margin-bottom':'+=15'}, 1000);
  unicorn.animate({'margin-bottom':'-=15'}, 1000, fly);

Tell the selected objects when to run the function:

var pegasusPonies = $('.pegasus');;

Pegasus ponies should now fly when clicked.

June’s Disappearing Trick

Create the turnInvisible function:

function turnInvisible() {
var clickedUnicorn = $(this);

Run the function when June is clicked:

var june = $('#june .unicorn'); turnInvisible );

June should now disappear when clicked.

Jumping Jacks

Here’s a function to make a unicorn jump:

function jump() {
  var unicorn = $(this);
  unicorn.animate({'margin-bottom': '+=20'}, 300);
  unicorn.animate({'margin-bottom': '-=20'}, 300);

Make one of the unicorns jump when the mouseover event happens.

Thumbs Up!

jQuery Basics: Complete!

Great, now it’s time to build our own…

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