Web Data with SQLite

Create and publish a dynamic web app

Apps we need

We use a wide selection of tools in this course.
Let’s quickly discuss what they are each for.

Web Browser

We’re building a website, so a web browser is critical!
We recommend Google Chrome and use it for demos.

Code Editor

We recommend a simple but modern editor,
such as SublimeText, Atom or Visual Studio Code.

SQLite Studio

Used for working with databases visually.
This app is free and cross-platform.

Download SQLite Studio

Command Line Tools

We also need some tools installed which
can only be used from the shell.


The latest version of SQLite works really nicely
with Python, so we’ll use it for our app.

Download SQLite

Python 3

Python will be the “back-end” of our website,
communicating between our web page and database.

Download Python3


Flask is a framework for Python which makes
it easier to build websites with databases.

Download Flask

Flask Login

Flask Login is a plugin for Flask which makes
user login and session management easier.

Install Flask Login

Web Services

This part is optional, but could be a handy
service for designing visual database plans.

Sign up for Vertabelo

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